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Charitable Foundation for cancer help “Inna” welcomes you!

Inna Charitable Foundation was created for charity work aimed at promoting in prevention and treatment of cancer. Foundation provides financial, moral, spiritual and legal assistance to people and disabled people suffering from cancer. On our site every cancer patient can order a prayer for his or her recovery. Also you can watch the live broadcast of liturgies and prayers for recovery.

Our main goal is to convince that cancer is the serious disease but we can defeat it together. We want to unite the society for helping and supporting people with cancer. Charity is the main weapon in a fight with cancer.

Most of us are willing to share with others. But the real charity is to give others what you need for yourself. “Charity is only the charity if it is the sacrifice” (L.Tolstoy)

Charitable Foundation “Inna” encourages you to give possible assistance to cancer patients. Of course, 5 USD are “a drop in the sea”. But you have to know, with your help the sea of suffering and pain will be less by one drop. So, do it right now! And let’s remember that “He, whose ears are stopped at the cry of the poor, will himself get no answer to his cry for help” (Proverbs 21:13)